Men's Fashion Tips And Style Guide For 2022

Many years ago, fashion ceased to be something exclusive to women and, today more than ever, having style, knowing trends and breaking out of the typical outfit is something that goes far beyond gender. In fact, this year men’s fashion is totally revolutionized.

If you want to get out of the norm and risk a little more in your wardrobe, or simply look more formal on a daily basis, then these fashion trends are for you. You will never have a boring outfit again!

2022 men’s fashion trends

In the context of the pandemic, the trend is not to throw all your clothes in the trash and buy a closet from scratch to fit into fashionable outfits, but rather to use what you have, give it a second life and renew it with key elements that generate a style taken from the catwalk without much effort.

For this reason, men’s fashion 2022 does not imply that you make a great renovation of your closet, but that you acquire those garments that will make a striking difference in your look and will allow you to go out of the ordinary.

If you want to know the trends and achieve a very chic style, read this complete guide with the keys to having a high-impact outfit this 2021.

The plaid prints

In coats, jackets, shirts, suits, pants and everything you can imagine, the plaid pattern will be a trend. It can be in Prince of Wales, Vichy, tartan or any other format, but you must have a garment in your closet with this print.

A very easy idea to elevate your style by 100% is to add pants with this pattern to your closet or, even if you are riskier, you can mix different garments with checks. You will certainly be the chicest!

Long and oversized coats

Another garment that cannot be missing from your closet, especially in this cold season, is a beautiful coat that is long, the trend is that it reaches your ankles!

This piece will be the perfect complement to make any outfit look more elegant and fashionable. We recommend leaning towards gabardine silhouette coats since it is a model that can be used in different climates, without losing a very stylized look.

Wide trousers

The model of skinny pants very tight to the body and even the slim fit model, have been surpassed a long time ago. Now fashion is about feeling safe and comfortable, that’s why a great accessory in your closet will be wide pants.

Straight pants or a wide one with pleats that highlight the looseness of the fit will be the ideal look for any day and if you want to take your outfit to the next level, we recommend adding a belt with silver details or even chains to your pants to make it less formal, but with a lot of style.

Double-breasted and baggy suits

Streetwear or street style continues to make a mark, however, a new option that is resonating on the catwalks is to return to elegant looks and, if this idea makes sense to you, a beautiful suit cannot be missing from your men’s wardrobe.

The key to men’s fashion 2021 will be to privilege quality garments over the ephemeral and what is more durable than a suit. Straight pants and jackets with double-breasted closure will be the perfect outfit for a formal occasion, but also for your daily life if you combine it with sneakers, have you thought about it?

Medium wallets or crossbody bags

Over time, men have left social patterns aside and have dared to use accessories that were previously “exclusive” for women. It started with fanny packs and now the fashion is to use medium-sized bags or crossbody bags.

This accessory will not only allow you to raise the level of your men’s outfits, but also comfortably go out with all the things you want to wear, it will change your life!

Running shoes

The 2022 men’s fashion trends are favoring elegant looks, but always considering comfort as a key factor. For this reason, a wardrobe element that is present are the classic running shoes.

They are so versatile and easy to acquire that you should definitely have some in your closet. You can combine them with formal pants or jeans and they will undoubtedly give all the retro vibes to your outfit.

Monochrome looks

If you are one of those people who suffer from combining colors or patterns, this fashion trend for men will be ideal for you. We are talking about monochromatic outfits, the only thing you need is to choose a tone and implement it from head to toe.

A monochromatic look will generate a simple and clean style, but no less chic and impressive for that. The colors of this season are earth tones, brown, navy blue, green and red, so that you take them into consideration when putting together your outfit.

Beatles for everything

The beatles are a trend that has been felt strongly for a long time, however, with the arrival of cold weather you can bet that it will be a boom in men’s outfits 2022.

Whether it’s cotton or knit, a beatle will look amazing under a shirt or even your seasonal coat. You will not be cold and you will look very chic.


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