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I heard that Lifestyle blogs are digital representations of its writer’s interests, lifestyle habits and daily routines. That means, I have to have one. After all, I suppose this really is a lifestyle blog.

A lifestyle blog makes content more personalized and curated by its authors. A lifestyle blog differs in many ways from other traditional blogs. It doesn’t have to be about a person but about a theme or a subject that the writer is interested in. The topics could be related to health & nutrition, business, travel, fashion, gardening, pet care, interior design, entertainment, games, books & magazine and so on. The topics on different lifestyle blogs will also never be exactly the same.

So that’s what I’ll put in this category. Other more specific posts will go in my other categories.


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Hi, my name is Rose Nolan, wife to my wonderful husband and self-confessed Desperate Housewives fan. This blog is all about my life, my lifestyle and anything in life that revolve around this. I am here to write down things that I discover in life that makes up my world and pretty much anything goes here. I'm coming at this from an everyday person point of view and hope you enjoy.

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