How to Remodel a House with Little Money

Thinking of giving your home a new look? Whether your intentions are to sell, rent or simply turn your new home into a cozy space, learn how to remodel a house on a low budget.

Due to the passage of time and the use of the facilities, the houses tend to have natural wear and tear. This same wear and tear can be an obstacle when looking to sell or rent a property and can also be a problem for those who live or come to live in it.

However, there is a solution: remodeling. Remodeling consists of modifying some of the elements that make up a home or changing its current structure. This process can result in the value of your property increasing and making it more practical to live in.

Thanks to strong companies who are specialized in remodeling, like Len Roofing & Remodeling, you can have a professional and modern remodeled house.

Although your house may require remodeling to optimize its conditions, sometimes not having the necessary budget can limit you. Therefore in this guide, you will find some tips to remodel your home at a low cost.

How to remodel a house with little money?

  • Do a deep clean
  • Maintain furniture
  • Analyze which spaces need more attention
  • Make a remodeling budget
  • ask for help

Do a deep clean

When you have a limited budget and you are planning how to remodel a house, cleaning the house is one of the most profitable options. Starting by getting rid of what you no longer use could help you have more space in the rooms. Take care of reorganizing to improve the efficiency of the space and achieve better aesthetics of the environment.

It is necessary to emphasize that the cleaning we are referring to is a deep cleaning, which goes beyond sweeping or dusting the furniture. When you do a deep cleaning, you get rid of those objects that you use no longer and that take up extra space in the closets, in the drawers of your furniture, under the beds or in the corners of any of the rooms.

We know it can be hard to get rid of items you’ve had for years, but having extra space will help you decide how you’d like your remodeled home to be in order and be aware of the space you have, as well as achieve the spacious feeling of your home space.

In addition, the objects or furniture that you will use no longer and that you find during this cleaning could be the beginning of savings destined for other needs during a remodeling.

Maintain furniture

It may be that, during the intense cleaning of your house, when you move the furniture from one place to another, you realize that it is not in optimal condition. Furniture, especially wooden furniture, also tends to wear out with time and use.

After a few years, the furniture can stop being functional, so it is a key piece in the process of how to remodel a house. However, maintaining them yourself is an excellent idea. For example, you can give furniture that has scratches a coat of paint using light colors or neutral colors that change its appearance. You can also replace broken handles on these and if the back of the furniture has come unstuck you can easily fix it with wood glue or nails.

These changes may seem small to you, but they will make a big difference to the rooms and the spaces where they are located. Having a space with furniture in good condition is one of the best tips for remodeling your home. In addition, a large budget is not required to achieve a change in them, in some cases it is only necessary a little money for painting.

Analyze which spaces need more attention

During the deep cleaning of your house, it is likely that you will find spaces that do not only require superficial maintenance. That is, after cleaning and changing the furniture, you may find that the color of the walls, especially those that had a piece of furniture or a painting, has changed and does not seem to be the same as the other walls.

Painting a room completely can be a great way to change the look of the room. To do this, you can only invest in paint colors that you can use in several rooms and look for the best color combinations that adapt to the types of floors you already have.

Although changing the arrangement of the furniture will give a different look to the rooms, things like painting the walls a different color, changing the color of the ceiling, maintaining the floor and using wallpaper on the walls can make a more noticeable difference in the rooms of your house.

Despite this, the spaces that sometimes require more attention are not always indoors. Remodeling may also be required on the main fa├žade or on the protections and windows. In addition, some spaces may require a change to optimize their operation, such as bathroom furniture or kitchen countertops.

Before you start planning how to remodel a house, analyze which of these spaces in your home require the most time, work and investment to remodel. What condition are the sinks in? Do you have problems with water leaks in roofs? What doors need to be renewed?

Make a remodeling budget

Knowing all the details of the aspects that you can improve and exactly which spaces urgently need remodeling, for a correct operation, it is time to make a remodeling budget.

Throughout the article, some tips have been mentioned to remodel your home that does not require a large sum of money, but in case your home has some aspects that require more effort, the first step is to know everything you would like to change and then compare prices.

How much money does it take to remodel your house?

According to information from companies dedicated to the commercialization of tiles, remodeling, or completely changing the appearance of your home, can cost between $5,000, at least, and can go up to $50,000, depending on the needs of your home.

Although there is no exact figure, comparing prices, knowing different options and the quality of the products you are about to buy can help you make an economic investment and thus save money.

A good way to carry out this analysis is to review the quality studies carried out by the laboratory of the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office of some products. For example, you could consult the latex paint quality study and see if both, price and quality, are ideal for your remodeling project.

Ask for help

Once you have the approximate budget, you can consider requesting remodeling advice from an expert. In the process of how to remodel a house, this help can be both for the purchase of materials and for carrying out the project procedure.

In the case of construction and/or expansion of spaces, you should request the advice of an expert in remodeling. In addition, you will have to consult the regulations of the place where you live, since on some occasions the residential areas have restrictions on the changes that can be made to the home.

During the search for trained personnel, you can compare the services and prices of these professionals, who can be designers, architects or masons. We also suggest you have a written contract with them where they stipulate costs, deadlines and materials, in addition to being in permanent monitoring of the process of remodeling works.

Are there loans for home remodeling?

To help you finance the process of how to remodel a house, you can use different credits intended for this purpose.

Is it advisable to remodel the house that I just bought?

From the moment you move into your new home, you have the full right to remodel any of its spaces to make it a cozy place for you. However, there are some factors why completely remodeling a newly purchased home might not be advisable.

First of all, your spending budget will increase severely, not only because of the cost of the remodeling, but also because of the amounts that you will continue to cover when paying for your new property.

On the other hand, it will be necessary that before carrying out any remodeling in the house you request the advice of an expert architect, bricklayer or decorator, who will help you identify the necessary changes to the house. Above all, to make sure that the conditions in which you have acquired the property were those agreed upon and that the changes do not cause a future conflict.

Finally, remember that the process of how to remodel a house does not imply that you spend a large sum of money. Very simple changes, such as including plants in some rooms or changing the colors of the environment, can not only benefit your savings but also turn your home into a charming space.


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