11 Characteristics Of An Authentic Person

“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.” – Anonymous

We have all felt a call to connect with our essence, with who we really are.

But how do you become or be an authentic person?

These are the 11 characteristics of authentic people that you can also promote in yourself.

1. They don’t try to be liked by others

As they understand that, if they do what they do anyway, it is impossible to please everyone, because then they prefer to be true to themselves, to their essence and they are destined to be.

2. They forge their own paths

They follow their intuition, what their heart tells them. They are guided by their own principles and values ??and it is from these that they make their own decisions . They wonder: How is this congruent with who I am?

3. They are direct

Genuine people express their opinions sincerely and directly, but without hurting the feelings of others.

They are not afraid of having an opinion different from that of others, nor do they need anyone to agree with what they express.

4. They are proud of themselves.

They feel good just the way they are.

They love and appreciate each other.

And instead of hiding what makes them unique and different from the rest, they let it shine!

5. They know each other very well

Self-knowledge is one of your greatest qualities.

They know their own strengths, weaknesses, what they like and what they don’t like, and they know how they react to certain circumstances.

6. They are generous

As they have forged their own paths and constantly seek to become their best version – not someone else’s – they know how to help others and are happy when they see others succeed.

7. They are honest

You can trust them. They do not tend to be hypocritical or change masks depending on who they are with.

Authentic people feel what they say and express what they think. And generally, when they make a commitment, they keep it.

8. They avoid judging

They understand that it is not easy to follow their own path and for this reason, they do not waste their time judging or trying to change the lives of others.

9. They are very transparent

It is easy to perceive their moods. If they are happy, you will know; if they feel sad, you will know it; and if they are angry, too.

10. They are spontaneous

Authentic people offer compliments naturally and spontaneously.

They are not thinking about the typical: “if I tell him this, he will think that I am making him a beard ”

11. They inspire others

Authentic people have that magic, that vibe, that originality that captivates. Because being different from the rest, they stand out from the crowd.

They prefer to be different than to be an improved version of someone else, because while the former makes them UNIQUE, the latter makes them just a little bit better.

“They laugh at me for being different, I laugh at them for being all the same.” – Kurt Cobain


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