Kiss False Lashes

Kiss Looks So Natural False Lashes are named so because they are not made of any synthetic materials. Instead, they are made from human hair, making them blend with real eyelashes for a completely natural look.

Their products are strip-style fake lashes and the tips are thinner to stimulate your own lashes. This means, they are thicker at the base and become thinner at the end, so that you do not look like you have any false lashes on. In fact, 97% of women who tried out this product do forget that they are wearing anything simply because they feel so natural.

When you are looking for fake eyelashes, there are many different kinds out there to choose from. They can be individual hairs that you glue one by one on top or under existing lashes, they can be small hair clusters that you glue on top of natural lashes or strip eyelashes that are also glued on top of your original ones. They may be made of various materials, from synthetic to natural human or animal hair. Some products also use natural feathers.

When it comes to styles, you also have various ones to choose from, including winged ones, where outer ends are longer than inner ones; one length; crisscrossed pattern; spiky; and black or clear strips. This allows you to achieve the look you desire, whether it is natural or quite dramatic.

If you want to enhance your eyelashes without looking like you are wearing fake ones, then sets made with real human hair are a perfect choice. Kiss has various products that will offer a natural look, all the way to the most dramatic. While some models or rock stars opt for synthetic, you can still achieve the same look with this brand of lashes worn by Carbi B.

This brand of fake lashes can be purchased at your nearest Walmart and Walgreens and are incredibly inexpensive. Despite the low price tag, you will not regret buying these fake lashes. In fact, thanks to their affordability, you can easily collect every one of the 7 Kiss False Lashes.


  1. Sultry

This style is without a doubt their most famous one, thanks to their light weight and feathery feel. Their extreme affordability is another selling point, and the tapered ends make them look natural. The overall look is very subtle and people will simply think that you were blessed with beautiful lashes. It is also the right product for daily use.


  1. Shy

This is just a bit thicker and more voluminous compared to Sultry and is the right choice for a night out. The sophisticated look will truly leave an impression on everyone you meet. One of the common reasons for its popularity is the natural look and feel of this set.


  1. True Volume

Voluminous but still natural looking, True Volume has collected many loyal customers because it offers both plus a budget-friendly price tag to boot. They are truly perfect for a dramatic look.


  1. I Envy

This is another product that has garnered tons of positive reviews, thanks to its significant ease in application compared to other false lashes out on the market. Even first-timers have found putting this on uncomplicated, which is why I Envy lashes have proven to the world that there is no reason to fear fake eyelashes.


  1. Ever EZ

What sets this set of lashes apart is the easy applicator that makes it a breeze to put on every time. You will also have something to hold during application, so you do not have to worry about any glue on your hands.


  1. Blooming Lashes

This kind of lashes will help you ditch your mascara, thanks to its multi-angle technology and the tapered end lash. The end result is a multi-layered flutter in your eyes. There are 5 different styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect ones for your eyes.


  1. Haute Couture

This is a set that has everything you need for a dramatic set of eyelashes. You will receive in the package a tube of glue and an applicator, false lashes that are already black so that no mascara is required. Without using mascara, you can easily use a pair of fake lashes two times.

Kiss products are great options for both beginners and experienced fake lash users because they use natural human hair, their top quality, and their price. With different lines to choose from, you can find the right ones for any time of the day and for every occasion.